How to make the Links toolbar open each page in a new browser

By maqk ·
What happens is when we open page using the Links toolbar [ docked in the Taskbar right] it opens the page in a new window

Re using the toolbar and opening a new page in the Links list[with the previously opened page still running in the browser] causes the prev. opened browser to load the new page causing us to loose the previos page.
Hence whenever we open a new page, it refreshes the already opened browser and the previous page is lost.

Can we make the Links toolbar open a new browser whenever used

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need more info

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to make the Links too ...

Which browser/version? I don't have a "links toolbar", but I do have a "links" folder in My Favorites.

Which operating system?

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Check this setting

by NickNielsen In reply to How to make the Links too ...

Make sure all Internet Explorer windows are closed.
-Right-click on your IE shortcut and select properties.
- On the Advanced tab, scroll down until you see "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts..."
- Uncheck this box and click Apply

Edit: Given how deeply IE is embedded into Windows, you may need to reboot for this setting to be fully effective.

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