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How to make your computer last 10 years...

By CG IT ·
an article I saw on MSN which caught my interest. Nothing we don't already know, but the comments to the article are also interesting. There's one I think from a casual poster here, goes by the name zyzzyx, which says, use Linux....

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That was my first thought

by The Scummy One In reply to How to make your computer ...

Must be using Linux

I have an old system that uses Linux just fine (along with Win 9. However the HDD for the Linux install died and I havent replaced it yet.

Aside from that, it would probably be the wisest choice if connected to the Internet and wanting to use newer SW.
Else, it really doesnt matter. keep it clean, defrag, scandisk, etc.. should keep it healthy for some time

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Nothing we don't already know

by CG IT In reply to That was my first thought

I run W95 98 2000 XP and Vista at home because customers run those... ebay is my friend to get old hardware..... lol sometimes the stuff works sometimes it doesn't

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Yeah, but I recommend differently

by The Scummy One In reply to Nothing we don't already ...

I dont tell people to only defrag every 3 months or after file deletions, program uninstalls.
I recommend every week if they alter, change, add, delete files regularly, else once a month.

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Clean out the temp files & defrag <NT>

by ozi Eagle In reply to How to make your computer ...

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