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How to manage Loud and stubbon young subordinates?

By SC80 ·
I have recently been appointed as a manager in a very small media firm. I was told I have to manage one youngster who was with the company since last 4 months. Apart from us two we have marketing team another Director who was earlier managing this guy, research team and my CEO.

Its been one month since I was hired, this young guy started to showing me off as he is my boss by giving me orders and telling me tricks of the trade...which I already know as I have 7 yrs of exp to his 4 months. I kept ignoring him and kept quite as thats my nature. I am in sales so every now and then the director and my CEO kept asking us questions about our performance...keeping us at the same level.

Now my problem is:
a)this young guy who thinks he knows everything and even if he needs to know something he will ask the director or the CEO.

b)The director who still can get over the fact that he has been promoted and I have been given his place. He keeps dropping by and asks questions about our performance keeping us at same level.

c)My CEO,who has questioned my capability and then has asked me to perform well at my subordinates level and then once I am ready I can again take up the charge.

Can somebody suggest me what shall I do?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How to manage Loud and st ...

by ignorance doesn't work. To ignore is to lose. Acquire authority.

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by santeewelding In reply to Management
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Or "Prove"

by NexS In reply to "Seize"
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I'll give you that

by santeewelding In reply to Or "Prove"

So long as by, "prove", you mean the core meaning of the word, "do". The other meaning, as in, to "show" -- to whom? -- does not serve.

The core meaning, as well, of "authority", is, to author. You do it. Nobody else. Screw everybody else.

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I'm not sure I understand

by LocoLobo In reply to How to manage Loud and st ...

You were hired as a manager with one employee? Is your firm only four people? If that is true, titles like "ceo", "director" and even "manager" may not mean too much.

In a small organization, it is pretty natural for any employee to ask the the big boss questions. One thing to keep in mind is the youngster MAY have a better idea of what the CEO and Director want done. Every place I've been, each of my bosses has a different idea of what they want out of a job, even the janitors.

That said, it sounds like you need to be firm. Take the lead and don't let the youngster run over you. Next time he trys to give you an order stop him. Stay polite, but firm. It's OK to listen to him but if you aren't managing, you aren't really a "manager".

just my 2 cents

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