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how to manage MS access on linux?

By mostafa_ismayel ·
How are you all?
I hope your all fine
I need an advice
Is there a program to manage MS Access database on linux or a way to convert it to another format that can be managed on linux
i have a MS database contains my work for more than six months and i'm learning how to use linux now but i can't manage my MS database on it.

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by apotheon In reply to how to manage MS access o ...

1. This should really have been posted in the Technical Q&A section (there should be a link way up at the top of your page for it, between "Discussions" and "White Papers").

2. Check out MDB Tools (tools for working with the Microsoft DataBase format), at:

If you're on Debian GNU/Linux, you should be able to get it by typing apt-get install mdbtools at the command line.

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by Jaqui In reply to answers

or take it into msaccess and export as sql inserts and import into mysql or postgresql
though you would need to design a front end for the queries you run against it.

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Many options available

by johnzoet In reply to how to manage MS access o ...

MS Access is 2 things in one product:
- a database
- a development environment

The database is easily ported to far better
databases like McKoi, HSQLDB, MySQL or
The hard part is the code you have already
Unfortunately you will have to rewrite the lot.
This is the price you have to pay for lockin to
Windows only technology.
Take some time to learn Java and port the code
to Java using Swing and JDBC.
As an added bonus you can:
- run your application on any Java platform
- run McKoi or HSQLDB as an embedded database
- run your system on a LAN or over the internet
- do not pay licensing fees to M$
- do not pay licensing fees to anybody at all

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An exciting new option

by pbrown@soc In reply to Many options available

If you're contemplating the effort to convert your database, you may want to look closely at HSQLDB, the successor to Hypersonic SQL.

I describe this as an "exciting" option because HSQLDB is reported to be the engine behind the new database component in ver. 2.0. If integration with a high quality office suite would be an advantage for you, then check out OOo.

Developer Alphas for ver. 2.0 are currently available for download (I'm a "civilian" who's been using them for several months). The first Beta is scheduled for release this month, with the final version targeted for March.

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Keep front end, transfer back end to MySQL

by kaspencer In reply to Many options available

I would advise keeping the front end objects (Forms, Reports etc) in an Access database and transferring the data objects (Tables, Queries/[Views] etc) into a MySQL on your Linux server.

There are publicly availabe tools for creating your MySQL database from your Access tables, or you could do it the "hard" way by exporting your Access tables to CSV files and building your MySQL tables from scratch.

Although the database schema functions in Access are probably a bit easier to use then MySQL, you will find it easy to link the tables into your MySQL back end from your Access front end.

If you are more adventurous, you could use the ADO library in MS Access rather than simply linking the tables by ODBC.

Kenneth Spencer

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Hybrid system

by chris In reply to how to manage MS access o ...

We are in the process of getting rid of MS Access. We are a small business with 30 staff using a single quoting/invoicing/inventory system. We have found that lack of performance on reasonably good hardware is the biggest issue as our database grows. The way Access handles record locking on shared databases is another issue for us. Cost hasn't been the reason we are moving away from Access, performance and reliability is.

We are currently migrating from MS Access. We have outgrown Access as our database has hit the 500Mb mark. We have had great success with Postgresql running on RH Enterprise with MS Access front end on the workstations. We have had a few problems, in particular, our database is now case sensitive. Stage 2 is to get rid of the Access front end.

We are currently working on a web browser based front end/JBoss Application Server/Postgresql setup. We have been very impressed with the performance when it is running on the same hardware as MS Access. Just need funding from the Finance Department to go on with the project.


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by Choppit In reply to how to manage MS access o ...

Try MDBtoMySQL . You should be able to perform the conversion on Windows and import the MySQL schemas and data into MySQL on Linux.

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Use Samba

by tgueth In reply to how to manage MS access o ...

All the others require that you convert your Access programs. The simple solution is to set up a Linux server as a file server and use SAMBA (usually with the Linux server) to configure the Linux server to be a file server for Windows network. Then, move the mdb files (usually best to only move the "backends" if you split the database) to the Linux file server, map a drive to the Linux folder where the mdb files were put, and you now can run just like you would with Windows computers.

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unfortunately . . .

by apotheon In reply to Use Samba

The question wasn't about storing it on Linux, but about managing it on Linux. If the Linux machine in question is just going to act as a passive fileserver, your response is 100% correct. If it's going to be used to manage the database, on the other hand, either some Access-compatible unix software needs to be found or it needs to be converted to another db format.

Considering that Access databases produce a tremendous sucking sound, though, it's usually advisable to convert the database to another format anyway, when practical. That's especially the case if it's going to be managed on a unix system like any flavor of Linux. Thus, the answers that were given.

Your suggestion still requires management from a Windows machine. That's all well and good if you want a more stable and secure setup without the boss knowing he's dealing with a unix machine. On the other hand, if you're going to have someone technically proficient (or even simply not a modern Luddite) handling your database it's probably better to just convert it into a relational database and manage it with something like MySQL.

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A linux Managed Option that worked for us

by mickey In reply to unfortunately . . .

There are a few steps to take:
1 make sure Apache, PHP and mysql are installed on the Linux PC.
2 export the data to a sql script file for later import
3 (optional but helpful) download and install webmin from it will allow easy admin of most all linux functions thru a web interface.
3b (if 3 was followed) make only the database thru webmin then enter the databse and use the sql import tool with the sql script you exported in step 2.

there is complete support in PHP for most any of the major databases including access and the SQL's.

there is a utility vb2php (do a google search) that will work well if you export and save all of your access code to Vbscript and convert it to PHP.

with very little changes you can move the data to mysql and turn your application into a web interface reachable from any OS.

our network has linux, MS Windoze(98,Win2k and XP), MAC and SCO workstations and this has worked very well for all.

Hope the help someone

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