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    How to manage Multi internet connections ?


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    How to manage Multi internet connections ? (1 of 1)
    Goodday all !My computer is connected to a home LAN and we’re sharing ADSL conection between 4 computers ( and its not through my landline, at the same time i got an extra private connection also ADSL but through a usb adsl modem connected directly to my pc and landline ,So Question is , Is there a way to configuer both connections to work on same computer at same time, or Managing multi network or internet connections, like downloading using a certain connection and using the other one for browsing or so ….i have tried many things like assigning ie to use modem and leave all other activities to automatically use lan conection but usually only one of them is working(sending and reciving) but never both I’d really so much appriciate it if anyone could help ! also searched the net for such resources but no luck there im that my search ends here : ) thanks in advance

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