How to manage time when the call is for urgent support?

By pepe_123 ·
I would like some help to find out the right approach to this mater.
How to deal with customer urgency? Here is the issue, I have my schedule complete for today visiting different customer to do something that they need. I got a phone call from a potential customer that got my number from the web or bu reference, and he the network down and the whole company in stand-by. The customer need someone ASAP to drive to the office and fix the issue. But I have my time compromised with others customers already. What to do? Normally if the potential customer can't way, he will continue to call other support numbers until he could get some one. So is you cannot bring support right away probably you won't get the customer.
In the other side, sometimes I can call any of my schedule appointment and make some arrange for later, but that is not always the case. I have been dealing with this issue for a while and I would like to know how other guys approach this.


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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to How to manage time when t ...

A complete network or server outage is different then maintenance/ upgrades etc.
You can maybe reschedule the items on the today list to the do the most urgent items, but then make sure you have time for the potential customer, as he wont appreciate that you just pop in for 1 hour and are unable to finish the work. all clients will understand this since it could also the other way around. If you really can not attend to that potential client on that same day, at least be honest about that, and do a follow up on them as soon as you have some time.
it's also better to have a 6 hours workday instead of a full 8 hours, so you can accommodate these kind of emergencies. Btw do you have scheduled time for researching, learning new items, test environments etc. Remember to take those also in account.

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Take Care of Your Customers

by a.portman In reply to How to manage time when t ...

If you have booked time or have an existing customer with an issue you need to take care of the existing service call before taking a new customer. If the existing customer will agree to the delay, take the new call. The bottom line, you have an agreement with customer, you need to honor it before taking new business.

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Contractual priority

by mjd420nova In reply to How to manage time when t ...

If the user has a contract with another service company, he may be trying out others to see who can get there first. A a call from the blue and we are not contractually bound to make those other calls, then by all means, provide him first class service and bill the pants off the IT department. Then offer a contract that could encompass his need for 24 coverage, ALL for a price. It is a grey area for after hours service and each vendor treats it differently. The company gets a two hour minimum premium rate, no charge for mileage or travel time if within 60 miles. I get paid a minimum four hour call out and 90% of my calls are just at that four hour point, one hour each way and two hours on-site. New customers present unique operations and procedures that may or may not be to your liking.

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