How to manually remove norton antivirus 2007 as the install file msi damage

By ellisyu ·
Please help as it border me much!

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Reinstall the software

by jdclyde In reply to How to manually remove no ...

Many times, if you reinstall the software, it will replace the missing files you need to uninstall it.

Also try the "REPAIR" option, and then do the uninstall.

I have also found a few things that can help with install/uninstall issues, especially for AV software.

Clear your temp folder, and then reboot.

Go into the MSCONFIG menu and disable all of the AV software, and then reboot. THEN try to uninstall. This was required with MCrappy about a month ago as it would not uninstall while it was running, but had no option to shut it down.

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Manually remove the software

by ahafez In reply to Reinstall the software

If the above solotions do not work, then you will have to do it the hard way.
1) Use, as suggested,Go into the MSCONFIG menu and disable all of the AV software, and then reboot.
2) Reboot pressing F8 to start safe mode
3) From Start - Run regedit,
use the Fined operation to locate "Symantec" , delete the entry, and continue using F3
4) Repeate step 3 to locate "norton" and "nav"
5) You will have no reference in the registry to the software, then you may delete the norton folder from Program Files
NOTE : You have to be carefull when tampering with the registry

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Editing the registry

by jdclyde In reply to Manually remove the softw ...

It is often a safe bet that if anyone has to be warned to back up their registry before editing it, they have no business going into it as they are going to toast their system.

Be VERY careful if you go into the registry and do this part by hand. If you do, go to Symantics site first. This page might help get you started.

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Thanks All guys

by ellisyu In reply to Editing the registry

My problem is: I have already use uninstall to remove the norton but the program is hang up in last operation, some norton files is still over there and not removed. Sometimes it run again but cause error.

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Go back to my first post

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks All guys

you need to put it back in before you will be able to get it out.

Did you know you can uninstall in safe mode? Reinstall it, boot to safe mode (so it won't be running) and THEN uninstall it.

Should clear this right up.

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by ellisyu In reply to Go back to my first post

when I re-install the norton, it is not workable, the install is pause one it finished gathering the information from my computer....
So, it is big headache!!!

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Got Norton system works?

by jdclyde In reply to won't work

with windoctor can fix the problems in your registry (maybe) which is causing it to hang.

Did you try the registry edit? It looks like it will be that or a format/reload of your system.

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by ellisyu In reply to If That

my problem seem complicated...maybe this remove tools can't solve my problem.

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I think there is a solution.

by reach.mohit123 In reply to Thanks!

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