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    How to map local drive to a remote server


    by ygoldberg ·

    I need to distribute an msi installer to a number of remote servers.
    I assume that the way to do it is to map my local drive to those target servers and then to copy this file from the mapped drive onto each server’s local file system.
    What is the proper syntax for mapping a local drive to a remote server?


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      This sort of question would be best put in the ‘Questions’ section but…

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to How to map local drive to a remote server

      When you say ‘remote servers’, do you mean a Windows server on a business WAN where perhaps the server is at a different site? Or do you mean remote as in ‘over the Internet’ in which case the answer is ‘you cannot do that’.

      If you need to map a drive to a remote server, the first question is if you can browse to it, or else you need to know the explicit drive path (e.g. //vol1/data/uploads) before you can map to anything from a command line.

      In general it would be some variant of the ‘NET USE’ command, but your actual syntax could vary widely.

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