how to match data from three columns in an excel

By adi24jan ·
We have three columns; A with Roll Numbers
And B/C with Roll Numbers and corresponding Student Names.

Point to note is that though Column A and B contains same set of roll numbers, their sequence/order are not same.

Currently the Student Names in Column C matches the Roll Numbers of Column B.

We want the Student names populated in another column which matches the roll numbers of Column A.

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Too lazy to do your OWN homework eh?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to how to match data from th ...
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read your help files?

by PurpleSkys In reply to how to match data from th ...

or your text book?

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by gechurch In reply to how to match data from th ...

Sort the whole table alphabetically on column B, then use a vlookup(). Excel help will explain the rest.

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I've used the lookup functions in spreadsheets and they work very well. I just needed to use Excel help a few times just to get it right.

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by WKCook In reply to how to match data from th ...

Assuming your new column is "D" and the data starts on row "2". Copy this formula into cell "D2". Then copy and past to the end of your data.


The sort of the data really makes no difference as long as each record is unique. Hope this helps.


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