how to monitor clients desktop anonymously?

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hi all...
I want to view user's monitor without they know, (I want to know what they doing at working time).
I'm using windows 2008 r2 server and clients are win 7. How i do this task? is any feature in 2008 server or need any additional software?
Help me..
Thanks in advance....

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Read the User Agreement

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

And see what if anything is allowed by the company.

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Reponse To Answer

by GSG In reply to Read the User Agreement

Yes, need to check company policies first. In most companies, this would officially be an ethical violation.

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Reponse To Answer

by In reply to Read the User Agreement

I am the system administrator of the company and company grand the permission....
help me....

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Web access

by chaider.lima In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

If it was access The web ;you had use any webfilter solution

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Possible but ethical ?

by dcwhitworth In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

Don't think there's a way to do this natively in Windows. There are some tools such as the various flavours of VNC that will do it but they require a client to be installed on the remote PC.

A lot depends on what you want to see them doing. Emails can be checked via the email server, files accessed can be logged on the file server, websites tracked via a proxy server without needing to view their screen.

BUT, and this is a big but, legally you could be on dodgy ground if you monitor employees without forewarning them. Your AUP should state that you can monitor them and may choose to do so.

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What do you want

by a.portman In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

A content filter will allow you to monitor web traffic. Most have the option of log or block and log.

TightVNC and RealVNC both can be installed to run on startup and not show in the system tray. Depending on the number of clients, it works very well.

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A Big NoNo

by davep.l In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

I work for a company which doesn't monitor emplyees activity, but does very tightly control what they have access to. I've not worked for nearly 3 years and got this position at the end of last year. If they asked me to carry out this kind of "snooping" I'd find it hard not to walk on ethical grounds.

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Intel ATM

by sbramfitt In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

I don't think that it is possible to use standard VNC servers to provide monitoring without notifying the user that they are being monitored.

The only way that I know to do this is to use Intel ATM and configure it to suppress the privacy notification popup that would otherwise notify users that their activity was being monitored.

You can read up on how to do this here.

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Two methods

by robo_dev In reply to how to monitor clients de ...

One is to attach a hub and a PC running a protocol analyzer such as WireShark in the wiring closet. This will tell you what they are doing, website-wise.

The other way is to install surveillance software, such as eBlaster. This app will record every keystroke, show every screen, and forward these results via email to you.

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thanks to all......

by In reply to how to monitor clients de ...


if there is any free software for webfilter solution...

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