how to monitor users access on a shared resource

By split917 ·
i have a win 2k3 file server which is part of a domain. i would like to monitor what users access what files within a certain directory. how can i accomplish this?



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how to monitor users access on a shared resource

by jlouis45 In reply to how to monitor users acce ...

You can accomplish this task from the control panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - shared folders. This would give you the real time view of which user is using while file on a particular shared folder. HOpe this answers your question.

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check this

by vsharma In reply to how to monitor users acce ...


u wanna check which user is accessing ur shared folder or files, right

for this rt click on thr my computer icon and select manage then go to shares option
under this u will few option in a tree structure like open share and users
that is the way u can check the users who are accessing ur shares

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You should use auditing

by IC-IT In reply to how to monitor users acce ...

Otherwise you will only see the current users. Follow the directions from the link below. Additionaly when you choose the user to monitor, use the domain user as the target. You must add a level of access so allow read permissions. This way only authorized users can get to the file or folder, but anyone who can will be audited.

Edited to add; Insure your Security log is set large enough to retain the log for the desired period.

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thanks for the replies!

by split917 In reply to how to monitor users acce ...

my fault for not being a little more specific. i know you can monitor it in real time in computer management>systems tools>shared folders>open files. but say i want to go back and check the security logs to see what users opened specific folders/files, will enabling auditing do this?...

...i was testing it out, and it looks like it does what i'm looking for. thanks again!


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I don't want to

by IC-IT In reply to thanks for the replies!

sound like a thumb chaser, but it would be helpful to others looking for a like solution to see that this thread was helpful. And either way you are most welcome.

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sure thing!

by split917 In reply to I don't want to

marked helpful! have a good weekend.

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