How to move to a MLPPP bundle?

By rahammers ·
I am prepping a router to eventually receive a multilink bundle of two E1s. Currently the site only has a single E1. My question is...

If I configure both cards to participate in the multi link bundle, can it accept a single E1 without configuring the far end to be in a bundle? Currently there is only one E1 to the facility with another coming in the future.

My hope is that the local side (which I control) would treat this as part of the circuit down but still make the connection to the existing E1.

My fear is that both sides have to be configured to use multilink, even if there is only a single E1.

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by rahammers In reply to This mgiht help with your ...

All the cisco documentation really skirts the issue of turn up. Can MLPPP be configured on oneside but not the other as long there is only one circuit at the time. I was able to get a cisco SE (or whatever they are called these days) and he did this in the lab and the answer is MLPPP must be configured on both sides.

The bummer with this is it eliminates the possiblity of preconfiguring a router and shipping it to a location with no after hours support. I was hoping to be able to do this, schedule a turn up and with minimal local support (plug in the circuit and plug in the router) get connectivity. Once that was done I would be able to monitor the turn up of the next circuit.

anyways, used (separate internet connection) and got back end access as I move the ip configuration from the running circuit to the multilink interface when we were finally able to turn up the second circuit.

rambling a bit but thanks for trying.

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