How to moving Server PDC and Exchange 2003 to a new hardware server PDC

By chuonghuan ·
Please help to moving Server PDC and Exchange 2003 to a new hardware server

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In a very simplistic terms

by huoml In reply to How to moving Server PDC ...

Buy new hardware, preferably one each for DC and exchange.

Install Windows 2003 Server and DCPROMO to make it a DC
Transfer ALL FSMO roles to new DC server
Install new Exchange server
Move all mailboxes from first exchange server

MS site has articles on how to move exchange and DC server to a new hardware.

After successful move of DC and exchange, you will need to follow few steps to properly remove DC and exchange if you wish to shutdown the old DC/Exchange server.


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Moving SBS 2003 DC to windows 20003 r2

by chuonghuan In reply to In a very simplistic term ...

But the old server the OS is SBS 2003 STD so I can not transfer ALL FSMO roles to new DC windows server 2003 R2. Yes I am very new with this. Please help

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there is a transition path

by CG IT In reply to Moving SBS 2003 DC to win ...

to go from SBS to standard.

download the word doc.

Also there are issues with SP2

I would say best practice would be to transition to W2003 Standard, then move to new hardware as after transition, the constraints that SBS has are removed.

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this is easy- here is how

by anmol_email In reply to there is a transition pat ...

i have gone thru this process for a couple of clients-
step 1 - install second dc via dcpromo and patch to sp2 first.let replication complete and this generally depends on size of Ad- say an hour or so as rough guide for a typical 50 user site
verify replication via windows support tools (repadmin etc)
step2- install exchange in same organization on dc2. patch it. move mailboxes etc. move first exchange roles (article in
step 3- verify mail boxes connect for each user or sit on this for a day or 2 so that all users login and get autoredircted to new exchange in their outlook.
step 4- remove exchange from first server
step5- move fsmo and global catalogue role to new server-refer ms kb on this. And SBS allows this -refer note below
step 6- remove ad from first server.
Above is general guideline -
note1-Under no circumstances allow small buinsess server to run for more than 6 days without all fsmo roles as it will begin to shutdown because it wants to hold on to fsmo roles- thats also ms licensing requirement- 7 days is provided as migration time to new server.
note2- dc promo should always be run first before installing exchange otherwise this mangles ad attributes-there is a fix for this issue but why cause an issue in first place -:)

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