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By Professor8 ·
Well, that's a half-way decent start, McKee, but doesn't get us far.

I read an article several years back that said a much lower fraction of women negotiate over compensation than the fraction of men who do.

Then again, there have been times when I did the homework to discover the median or average compensation for the kind of job, experience, location, etc., and opened with my ideal with the expectation of us working toward a mutually acceptable middle... only to have the other side terminate the discussion. E.g. one guy (I found out through back-channels) was wanting to pay less than half of the local median for a newbie, and get someone who already had knowledge and experience. Other employers opened with something better than my ideal.

While keeping track of political maneuverings, I'm often amazed at how bad some of the "top" pols seem to be at negotiating... They seem to concede all of the ground before the negotiations begin.

It's important for people not to feel they have to accept the contract or agreement as presented by the other party. The various conditions and terms can be negotiated or the other party isn't one you want to do business with anyway.

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