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How to network a laptop to a desktop

By bluespiano ·
I have a desktop and a laptop. Both run Windows XP. I have high speed internet access via cable. How do I network these computers together. Specifically, how do I access the desktop from the laptop?

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Use the Network Setup Wizard.

by seanferd In reply to How to network a laptop t ...

Start → Programs → Accessories → Communications.

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As stated above using a Network of some kind

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to network a laptop t ...

If you only have the 2 computers you can use a Cross Over Cable of the CAT5 variety and then run the Network Setup Wizard on the computer connected to the Broadband Modem, you'll need to tell the Setup Wizard that this computer connects directly to the Internet and others computers on the Network Connect through it, and also tell it that you want to share the Files & Printer/s. This can be found in the Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications Menu and is listed under Network Setup Wizard.

If you want to run a WiFi Connection between the 2 computers you'll need to fit a WiFi Card tot he Desktop and then run the Wireless Setup Wizard in the same place.

After you have the first computer setup you run the same Network Setup Wizard on the second machine. When you go through the Setup Wizard tell the second computer that it connects through a Residential Gateway or another computer on the Network when prompted.

If you already have a Hub you can use straight CAT5 Cables one from the first computer to the Hub and another from the Hub to the second Computer. This way you can add more computers at a latter time if required where as with a Cross Over Cable you are limited to just the 2 Computers.


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