how to network an embedded system to a public server.

By Nicky McKenzie ·
Tags: Cloud, Networking

My company use sensors on doors to track activity and access control on the doors for many sites throughout the UK. We need to log this activity by sending UDP packets from the sensor to the public server via a 4G router where the data will be received and access control logs will be saved.

We had a solution were the sensor was programmed to send the data to the public servers static IP address and the router was set as the default gateway, therefor when the server was not found on the network it would be sent to the router and then sent to the server. However this means that if we changed server IP address we would have to reprogram every sensor we use in the UK on site which is not possible.

Because of this we need a solution that comes from a routing rule of sorts that sends all data from the sensor to the public IP address of the server so that we can change the routing config remotely instead of on site.

Any help would be appreciated
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