How to network two pcs using vista and xp via crossover cable

By chrisryanhouse ·
In the past when I wanted to transfer files between my pcs I would hook up a crossover cable between the two pc and transfer the files. This was done with two pc's using XP. I now have a laptop with Vista and a pc using XP. When I hook the pcs together I'm unable to discover my Vista pc on the XP pc. I am however able to do this wirelessly as they are on the same workgroup. Has anyone tried to do this directly connected and if so what advice do you have for me? I usually tend to get limited or no connectivity on my Vista PC for the connection. It seems to think I want to share the internet connection which isn't the case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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me too

by sanjeet1kumar In reply to How to network two pcs us ...

i have the same damn problem... anyone out there who knows plz help

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have same problem got this info elsewhere

by DD In reply to How to network two pcs us ...

Ethernet Crossover
by Darton Fury - 20/08/07 10:59
In reply to: Transferring data to Vista laptop using crossover cable by hien79
First get the 2 computers communicating. Create an identical user account on both machines. Install an Ethernet Crossover cable between the NICs and run the network setup wizard on the desktop, selecting to enable file and printer sharing. Then do the same on the laptop. Make certain they both have the same workgroup name. Now any files you place in the shared folder are available on the other machine from my network places. If not, view Workgroup computers and click until you get to the shares. Now that they can communicate, you can either use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard from System Tools, or manually select and share files. The transfer wizard would be easier in this case. If the desktop is a stand-alone PC directly connected to the internet by cable or DSL, be sure to disable File and Printer sharing when you are done.

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Two points that tend to confuse:...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to network two pcs us ...

These two points left me gasping when I first encountered them, taking them at face value without question, which was most definitely wrong.

1. If you receive a notification of 'Limited or No Connectivity' for your newly set up network - Ignore It! As the original poster mentioned, Microsoft seems to have formed the opinion that if you are setting up a network you MUST want to connect to the internet. The Limited bit only means you have no 'Net Access.

2. If like me (and most other users) you have problems with 'Access Denied' or 'Contact Network Administrator' - Change the name of the Workgroup. It tends to default to 'MSHOME' so dump that as a name and give both PCs a network name that is a single word only, and not MSHOME. By simply changing from the default network name, most network setup problems seem to miraculously vanish (I wonder why that is...?).

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