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How to obtain present PORT number

By thinknologist ·
How would you know the present PORT number of your computer if you were trying to TELNET the computer. I changed its port number but now i forgot to retrieve its PORT number.

Need your help with this.

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check out the services file

by VNCoder In reply to How to obtain present POR ...

Look at services file


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Depends on which way you are going

by LordInfidel In reply to How to obtain present POR ...

Telnet runs on TCP 23 by default

When your client machine starts a telnet session to a remote system. It (your machine) will pull a port from the unpriviliged range 1023-65335 and connect to the remote tcp 23.

You can run a quick netstat -a to find out what port your system grabbed to initiate the connection with.

As far as your statements, I am unsure what you are talking about when you say you cahnegd the "port" number of the computer. Do you mean you changed the port that telnet is listening on?

If so, go back to the place you changed it and change it back to 23.

Your computer does not have a "port" per se that it uses all of the time to initiate remote connections. It will use any port in the ephemeral range.

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