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How to onboard members into a new social network with zero ad budget?

By thetibetandrum ·
The future is certainly upon us and within the next 15 years, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will replace a great deal of the human resource workforce around the globe. With less employment opportunities, many people may seek a creative path in the new digital economy. The current internet landscape on social media has evolved into a pay to play environment, leaving entrepreneurs and content creators little choice but to pay for advertising to make their voice heard. I have created a new social media platform to address some of there issues, but with no ad budget the growth rate is fairly slow and if anyone has any advice and ideas on how to onboard new members without paying, I would really like to hear them?

Quick Stare is a brand new concept for social networking with an advanced content creation platform built in for organic reach marketing, the general public and entrepreneurs alike. As you are most likely aware that from the present and into the near future, most basic human interactions can take place in a virtual world. Which is far more efficient and eco friendly for the planet. As the internet becomes the new economy, Quick Stare is designed to give everyone an equal voice on a platform without algorithms, fake bot accounts and data mining. This essentially means content is listed in the order that it is posted. Only real human members and your data is not collected, profiled or traded. I think the world needs more platforms like this and it would be good to get some overall feedback?
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