how to open an attachment in MS Outlook 2007 of type: file

By sabza ·
I have recently been asked by a colleague to open an attachment which was not opening at all. When I look at the type of the attachment it was 'file'. Can somebody help me on how I can open the file. The computer is running Windows 7 pro, the program used for emails is Outlook 2007.

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ask the person

by Sue T In reply to how to open an attachment ...

who sent the email what the attachment is. Maybe they did not actually attach anything. I know that sometimes email coming from a Mac will show an attachment but there really isn't one. You should never open an attachment that you don't know what it is and are not expecting.

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Reponse To Answer

by sabza In reply to ask the person

thank you so much for your response, I guess its from a Mac because the were other attachments on the email which were a doc and excel. So I will assume the email came from a Mac machine.

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Nothing matters here except the file extension

by seanferd In reply to how to open an attachment ...

and whether you have an application which opens it.

Since the attachment obviously has no extension, Windows is going to be all clueless about it, since it doesn't read file headers to determine file type, for whatever reason.

As Sue T says, ask the sender what they sent you.

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Reponse To Answer

by sabza In reply to Nothing matters here exce ...

Thank you for your response, I will find out what machine or email client the person is using who sent the email. Thanks again

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