How to open and edit files on ftp server?

By jvnane ·
I am making a local intranet site at work, and one function it needs to have is the ability to open up files on our shared database and edit them. Once the user is done editing and hits save, it should save to the same spot it was opened from, kind of like updating the file. I read about using the ftp_get() function, but I don't understand how I would go about saving it back to the same spot on the server automatically.

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With ftp_put ...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to open and edit file ...

Wouldn't be automatic, unless you wrote something to do it.
FTP is file transfer, what you need is file sharing.
Do these files have to been in a proprietry format, e.g. power point of docx or some such, you might be better off setting up a wiki

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You've now got THREE posts on the same subject ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to open and edit file ...

08/05/2009 @ 02:52 AM (PDT)

08/05/2009 @ 05:38 AM (PDT)**&messageID=3133668

08/06/2009 @ 12:55 AM (PDT)
Were now on your THIRD post in less than 24 hours!

What is more, you appear to have ignored whatever answers you recieved from the previous 2 threads.

Are you thinking that if you post often enough then someone will give you the answer you want?? - You're only going to get the correct answer.

If you don't like the correct answer, another posting will not change it!

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Fu_ck You

by jvnane In reply to You've now got THREE post ...

I keep posting, because I am not getting answers that solve my problem. I then re-read my statement to try and find ways I can change my wording to maybe encourage more answers. I am also working on solutions while I am waiting for answers. I can then find step by step solutions which then create new problems. That is why I make NEW posts... I would just reply to my original thread, which got no replies by the way, but they seem to die, LIKE THE FIRST ONE DID!

The answers aren't bad, they are just general, so I then have to do some researching on my own. This then makes new questions, which are best answered with a SIMILAR, but different post.

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Ooh - sweary words from Dulles Ditchwater, Virginia ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Fu_ck You

I refuse to reply to any imbecile.

Spent far too many years getting hot under the collar, rising to feeling like venting someone's spleen all because I was conversing with a moron at a keyboard.

No more - I don't need it.

I **** my nose at you!! I fart in your general direction. Your Mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries.

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Don't live in Dulles

by jvnane In reply to Ooh - sweary words from D ...

I work at the embassy in Poland, which has a pouch running through Dulles... I've never even been there. Also, don't call me a moron just because you can't think of logical argumentative comeback.

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ftp read not edit...

by ssinfa In reply to Don't live in Dulles

To change the question slightly, is there a way to have the file display the content so you can see if you want to download it to edit it???

I thought there was a page command, to function like cat in linux, or type in dos.


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It would still be a downloaded local copy

by seanferd In reply to ftp read not edit...

regardless as to whether it is in your temporary network cache or on your desktop. FTP and HTTP work that way. You really want a different setup entirely.

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I'll give you a little HINT

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Fu_ck You

People who make multiple posts on the same topic tend to NOT get any help at all around here. You got no answer to your original question BECAUSE you posted a duplicate question. We replied to the 2nd.

If you have further questions after we've provided SOME help on a topic, ask those questions under the original thread. That way, we can all follow along with the progression of the question(s) and possible answers.

Yes, your original question can drop off the radar when it's inactive. All you have to do is go back through your profile (forum posts), find the original question, click on it, read the answers and reply to one (or more) of them. You can even reply to your own question with the words BUMP in the title so we know why you posted it. The very act of you replying returns your whole thread to the top of the forums.

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You aren't really asking a question, you are asking

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Fu_ck You

for a solution to choosing the wrong tech.

Amending a copy of a shared document using FTP or HTTP, essentially means, downloading a local copy, editimg it at your leasure and then uploading it. Even if you managed to automate this, which is friggin unlikely what if two people are working on the document at the same time. So now you need to lock it for editing, or somehow do a merge....

Sharepoint, a basic fileshare, a Wiki, or am inhouse application are the approaches for this, not a web page and not an FTP prompt.

Trying to turn a square into a wheel isn't going to cut it.

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file TRANSFER protocol

by balge In reply to How to open and edit file ...

the clues in the name....
Go away and read up on it, then you'll understand what's so risible. Possibly.


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