How to open or configure port 25/exchange

By mmbc_voltron ·
I have opened port 25 on my linksys router: on the app and gamming page. But I cannot get through. I am testing with telnet. Does this mean that my smtp is not setup correctly on my exchange server? Where can i check?

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not necessarily

by CG IT In reply to How to open or configure ...

if you open port 25 you have to specify by IP address where port 25 traffic goes. e.g. your exchange server.

further, you have to have DNS direct traffic to your public IP address. It's not enough just to open port 25, you have to have a Domain Name Service that will answer queries that is your public IP address.

Just read your other post, so here's how you do this.

You domain registrar automatically assigns it's name servers to your domain name as authoritative name servers. That means that their name servers will resolve any internet whois queries. So to have queries go to your public address you have to specify your name server or use a 3rd party DNS service which will resolve queries to your static address[ they are usually used for dynamic addresses but they will work for static address and you don't have to worry about your DNS server. DNS servers are a hackers magnet].

That's how you do it.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to How to open or configure ...

If it's a typical Linksys router the gaming and apps page doesn't nescessarily open ports from a firewall perspective, instead it sets prt forwarding to those ports for NAT purposes. You also want to check the firewall section of your router and any software firewall you may have going. Are you able to telnet on port 25 from INSIDE the network? That would help determine if the Router is the problem.

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can't telnet inside the network

by mmbc_voltron In reply to hmmmm

I did the telnet on the server

telnet 25
500 5.3.3 Unrecognized command
Does this mean I don't have exchange setup right?

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by CG IT In reply to can't telnet inside the n ...

here's the MS KB on Telnet to exchange

here's MS KB basic troubleshooting for Exchange SMTP service

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I can't enable Diagnostic Logging

by mmbc_voltron In reply to yep

I can't enable Diagnostic Logging.
The options are greyed out.
Never mind
I got it enabled.

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Ok this is weird

by mmbc_voltron In reply to yep

I am using the telnet tests and when i do a EHLO I get an invaild address.
but if i do a EHLO I got a list of 250 with different things. But if i do it again i get invaild address. I closed the window and tried it again but same error. why could i do it one time but not another time?
And when i do i get an invaild address when i do a MAIL
same error inside the network or outside.

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MX Record

by Teaching Information Systems In reply to Ok this is weird

Have you set up a a MX record for your domain.

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I have

by mmbc_voltron In reply to MX Record

I setup an MX record at the hosting site that points to my IP. On my server i don't know what MX record to put.
At the hosting site i added = my ip
on my server i though i needed one to point to my hosting company.
is that correct?

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by CG IT In reply to I have

I think the problem is that you don't understand DNS and Name Servers.

DNS just resolves names to addresses. the different records are just that name = address.

What name servers do is send out a "whois" query. e.g hey! anyone know whois

your DNS server or a DNS service that handles your domain name resolution has to respond Yes! is ip address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. That XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your public IP address assigned to you by your ISP. Without that, nothing will find you.

What most consumers don't know is that when they buy a domain name, the company they buy it from [the domain registar] assigns their DNS servers and name servers for your domain name. If you want to host your own, you have to change that either to use your own DNS server for your domain as a name server or use a DNS service.

If you haven't changed name servers at your domain name registar [the company you bought the domain name from] or have them create DNS records that will say your public address is no mail, or even web requests will ever find it's way to you.

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MX Record

by Teaching Information Systems In reply to Ok this is weird

In your name server, you need a MX to point mail to your server.

I use DNSMadeeasy and they have some basic info on DNS here:

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