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    how to “open” rewritable cds


    by seasideplyr ·

    I am new to Windows XP and canot get my reqritable cds to open so that I can add pics to them. All I get is to format the cd and then that wouldn’t let me do that either. Please provide steps to do this. Thank you

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      Reply To: how to “open” rewritable cds

      by p.j.hutchison ·

      In reply to how to “open” rewritable cds

      XP only support ‘simple’ CD burning. It does not support floppy type access, UDF or even DVD burning. I suggest installing a third party CD burn program.

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      Reply To: how to “open” rewritable cds

      by rewrite ·

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      In xp you do not need to format a cdrw before using it. You only need to do that if you want to use a drag and drop feature (like dragging and dropping files to a formatted floppy disk).

      In xp you can simply select the files you want to burn, right-click and Send To your burner drive. Then, select that drive in My Computer, go to the File menu, and burn the files to CD.

      You can also erase RW CD’s from that same file menu. Erasing and formatting are quite different things, of course.

      If you want to use the drag and drop feature then you will need an app like Nero with InCD or Easy CD Creator with DirectCD. It’s up to you.



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