How to open the cd/dvd combo drive of a Dell Latitude D600?

By melmellcc ·
I just got this used computer yesterday after I bought last Friday. It has Windows XP professional in it with cd/dvd combo drive. When I tried to open the cd/dvd drive through clicking the button on the side this laptop, it has a yellow flashing light that blinks but doesn't open. I checked the cd/dvd drive properties in the My Computer programs and click eject or open the drive, but still doesn't work. I wander if there's another trick on how to open this drive. Any comments and advice, as soon as possible, will be appreciated.

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by SystemCheck In reply to How to open the cd/dvd co ...

there is a small hole near the eject button, straighten out a paper clip and just give it a good poke that will manually override to open it. sounds like the eject motor could be out, just a small hassel

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I did what you adviced but....

by melmellcc In reply to easy

I did what you advised, I gave it a good poke and it opened. But when I closed it, it has a sound of a click and doesn't open again. I tried ejecting it from the "My Computer", still doesn't open. Is there a turn after you poke it. It seems it's like a "safe".

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Re: CD drive

by christianshiflet In reply to How to open the cd/dvd co ...

There should be a small hole in the CD drive cover near the eject button. You can straighten a paper clip and insert it into the hole. This should manually open/eject the drive tray. Let me know if this helps, isn't quite clear, or you have further questions.


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Yes, I did that, it opened. But ...

by melmellcc In reply to Re: CD drive

when I tried to close it, and click the eject button manually, it has a sound of a click and does not open again. Oh this is such a hassle, small thing but doesn't open or close. Is there another turn after poking it with a clip?

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Re: CD drive

by christianshiflet In reply to Yes, I did that, it opene ...

It would seem that a part of the electronic eject is not working properly or retracting enough to release the drive tray. I am not extremely familiar with the inner workings of laptop eject button mechanics so I can't really be too specific other than to say that a replacement drive probably wouldn't be too expensive if the manual ejection process is too cumbersome.

As I have seen a similar issue with a Dell Inspiron 1526, fussing with it may "magically cure" the problem. It may also just finish breaking it for you. Though I doubt this helps, sometimes small plastic pieces cause larger electronic devices to be useless. Sorry.

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It could be jammed.

by seanferd In reply to How to open the cd/dvd co ...

Does it sound like it is trying to open, or does the tray move just a bit? Could be a CD caught inside. Otherwise, the mechanism may be broken or the motor fried.

Look at the edge of the tray - do you see a little pinhole? If so, straighten a paperclip and push it through the hole to pop open the drive. Probably best to do this with the system powered off.

You can also check the manufacturer's website for possible info.

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not good enough

by melmellcc In reply to It could be jammed.

Yes, it sound like it is trying to open but the tray doesn't move a bit. It's empty, because when I poke it with a pin, it opened and I put cd to test it if it plays, and it does play the cd. I thought the problem is solved, but when I tried to get the cd out, it does not open. So I clicked the side button which can eject the whole drive like a USB, I slide the drive open and I got the cd. Man, this is not good because the eject button doesn't work :-(

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Sounds like something is misaligned or broken.

by seanferd In reply to not good enough

Or it may be dust caught in a mechanism, or lubrication gone tacky. Hard to say without looking at it, there are so many configurations for this stuff. Just check for signs of these things. With the whole unit out, open and close the door, looking for the hangup.

If you know someone who likes to take such thing apart carefully and methodically, and has a high success rate of actually putting them back together... Otherwise, most shops will just tell you to get a new drive.

Good luck!

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final options

by SystemCheck In reply to Sounds like something is ...

use a paper clip to open cd tray everytime or go to a web site like newegg and just buy new one, paper clip doesnt fix it, it is justa manual way to open if the button is not working, i've got a pc with the same problem, me too cheap to get new drive so i keep a paper clip handy at all times, new drive could be about $20 and up

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Well as NB's use Slim Drives they cost a bit more than Desktop Units

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to final options

But none the less they are fairly easy to replace and they are not worth messing around with. If a Paperclip opens the drive either a spring has come off or the tray is jammed in the In Position.

Either way it's not a fixable thing so just price a replacement DVD Burner to fit to the unit and fit it.


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