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    How to organize your driver library.


    by bpennell ·

    I’ve been given the job of organizing our software, drivers, licenses, manuals, and hardware. At the moment everything is scattered throughout the orginization. I’m sure I can do this myself, but wanted some input from everyone regarding how to impliment this.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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      Type then mfg then model

      by thechas ·

      In reply to How to organize your driver library.

      I group my drivers by device type, then by manufacture and finally model number.

      Software, by manufacture and product.

      Licenses you need to keep a detailed list of installed licensed software by the system it is installed in.
      For physical licenses, you should have a folder for each PC.

      Available licenses can be keep organized by the software they are for.


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        software available to techs only

        by glyall ·

        In reply to Type then mfg then model

        Keep all software, updates, and drivers folders
        in folders that users can not get to them on the servers.
        Your techs need to get to them easily.
        Your field techs need to have CDs/DVDs copies so that they can do field installs/updates.
        Updates should be checked every month to three months and new CDs/DVDs made.
        Make a readme file for each drive, stating date downloaded, revision dates and other info about the driver. Keep them in the same folder (driver and readme).

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