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How To Pair Jabra Bluetooth Headphones with Windows 10?

By telecomshopseo ·
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The Problem

Your Jabra Elite Sport or e-series headset is not showing up in the available Bluetooth devices list in Windows 10 but is working fine on your smartphone or iDevice.

The Cause

This is because Jabra products are designed to use the newest Bluetooth protocol identification settings by default starting in early 2018. Almost all modern phones can connect to an ambient Bluetooth signal (this is the signal the device sends out when not in pairing mode, which is the default for all newer Jabra products when you first turn them on). When it detects the ambient signal, newer phones detect the device name and it shows up in your list. When you press connect, the phone requests to pair to the device, the device enters into pairing mode, connects, exits pairing mode almost instantaneously, and the two are connected. Windows 10, on the other hand, refuses to show Bluetooth devices using new ambient pairing requests.

The Solution

The only way you can get Windows 10 to recognize your device is to put it in real (legacy) pairing mode first. Luckily for me, my Jabra product (Elite Sport) is capable of entering pairing mode. To do this, I located the general-purpose button (you might have a model with a separate pairing button) and put on the earpiece. I held the button down past the welcome sound, past Bluetooth connect (this is where the blue light began to flash on my headset) and even longer until the blue light flashes in a weird pattern and the device speaks to you. The message I got was "now go ahead and connect your other Bluetooth devices." Immediately after this message, the device popped up in Windows 10 and was easily connected.


None of the aforementioned information was found in the instruction manual that came with the device. I had to go online to the device datasheet and manufacturer's information to get it. Jabra devices clearly don't officially support any devices other than phones, but with a little bit of luck, your devices might be compatible. If these steps do not work, your device may not support legacy real pairing mode or your Windows computer may not be configured correctly. I have seen several posts describing Bluetooth problems after a recent Windows update.

Good luck and happy listening!

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Thanks mate!

by banderstnatch In reply to How To Pair Jabra Bluetoo ...

This advice helped me to connect my Jabra Elite 65e with Windows 10 laptop.

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by musicguy03 In reply to How To Pair Jabra Bluetoo ...

Cause, effect, solution. Thank you so very much!

For future folks, what worked, for me:


Jabra Elite Sport was not recognized (didn't show up) in Windows 10 'Bluetooth & other devices'

Hold down 'pairing button' as suggested - longer than audio dialog (approx 20 sec) and THEN turn on Windows 10 Bluetooth, click "Add Bluetooth or other device", voila


I didn't hear the same exact message as author, though holding down the Multi Function button for extended time DID change indicator light on right ear-bud.

Again, thanks first to OP!
And happy listening indeed!

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