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How to paste without link in Excel

By thosjaquet ·
Software: Excel 2003

Problem: Excel automatically adds a link to formulas during a copy/paste operation between workbooks.

Goal: I want to copy formulas from Workbook 1 to Workbook 2 without links to Workbook 1. In other words, I want to duplicate the formulas in a range of cells that I wrote in one workbook in a range of cells in another existing workbook. I have tried all of Excel's paste options to no avail. The link to the original workbook is always added to the formulas.

Question:Is there a way to accomplish this simple task with Excel or is there a macro that I can write/download?

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by saihib In reply to How to paste without link ...

Have you tried Paste Special?

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by robo_dev In reply to How to paste without link ...

Maybe I don't understand your question exactly...I use Excel 2003 every day and it pastes formulas directly between workbooks. Do your formulas have anything special such as absolute references or arrays????

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by ctrservices In reply to How to paste without link ...

Yes, Paste Special as Unformatted text.

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Don't paste from the cell ... .

by goose82100 In reply to

When you copy the formula, copy it from the formula bar at the top of the excel window, this way you get the text of the formula and not the text of it's results. Then when you paste into Excel windows 2 you paste the forula and not it's results from Excel window 1!

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How to paste without link in Excel

by clequesne In reply to How to paste without link ...

I found a work around for the same issue you have had, paste the formulas as usual. You will have the other spreadsheets ref appended to the resulting formulas which is not what you want.

The solution is to do a find and replace for the external part of the formulas, and replace it with nothing. You then end up with formulas "looking" at the new spreadsheet, not where you copied the original formula from.

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