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HOw to perform Effort Estimation in IT/support departments

By dayIT ·
Is there a model available to perform effort estimation in the IT/support department, similar to "Function Point analysis for software effort estimation" or is it just historical knowledge/experience and guesstimation ??
or can i adopt FPA to IT projects/operations.

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Yes ! It Is Use Case Point Analysis

by msasaroar In reply to HOw to perform Effort Est ...

I have found a method named "Use Case Point Analysis". It is very similar to FPA. But it can be used easily at the requirement gathering stage of a software project.
Search on Google with string "USE CASE POINT"

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For maintenance, percentage of development costs

Taking a percentage of the original development costs for ongoing maintenance is customary. I've commonly seen numbers around 15%/year.

This would apply only to changes below a certain threshold of difficulty and size. Above the threshold, changes will have to be estimated (and budgeted) as new development.

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