How to pick an IT Guy

By matthew.durbahn ·
I am looking for someone qualified to fix my server issues and set up VPN. I get tons of applicants all with different certifcations and degrees. What are the main things I should look for as far a certifications for setting up server 2003 and VPN for a 10 person network?


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Specific Needs

by jdmercha In reply to How to pick an IT Guy

Since you have a specific need, look at experience first. Eliminate all applicants that do not have 4+ years experience setting up servers and VPNs.

From that list eliminate all those without a BS.

From that list eliminate all those without an MS.

From that list eliminate all those without a degree in engineering.

From that list eliminate all those without a degree from a top 100 university.

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Hey! You eliminated me!!!

by stress junkie In reply to Specific Needs

You say to favor experience but then you eliminate anyone without a college degree. Isn't that inconsistent?

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Specific Needs

While I would have made it past the first set of pruning thanks to my experience, I would have been wiped out due to lack of degrees. Nevertheless I could definitly set up a Windows Server 2003 VPN and secure it nicely. As could thousands of techs that don't have an MS in engineering from a top 100 University. Your selection criteria are way overkill. You'd end up getting someone who's most likely overqualified who would most likely cost a **** of a lot more than nescessary.

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I?m not agreeing!!!

by 3xp3rt In reply to Specific Needs

Just 1 point is right: ?4+ years experience setting up servers and VPNs?
All the other points are a big cloud without real content. I know a lot of people who have no meet those requirements, but they are top IT proofs. (It?s right that they have 10+ years of experience)
One question for jdmercha: In your organization the system administrator have the NOBEL Price?

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What are you smoking?

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to Specific Needs

This could possibly be the worst list I have ever seen to weed out resumes.

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someone who can read

by CG IT In reply to Specific Needs

setting up a VPN for a 10 user company isn't all that hard. what you need is someone who can read because the "How To" is available on Microsoft's Help and Support site and on virtually any firewall hardware vendors support site.

VPN has always been a pain for network admins. Users always complain it's to slow, they can't connect, blah blah. When it comes down to it, the problems users see usually are because a user makes changes on their computer which mucks up the configuration set by the network admin.

If one can read and follow step by step instructions, then they can set up a VPN. That is if they can get access to firewalls and proxies that need configuration as well.

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Sounds to me

by puppybreath In reply to Specific Needs

like you need a job and want to get rid of any competition.

I wouldn't waste my company's money on someone with an MS from top 100 university and a degree in engineering to set up a VPN for 10 people. Talk about being overqualified and overkill.........

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Actually, sounds to me....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Sounds to me he was taking (and rightfully, so) a potshot at 'technical' recruiters whose idea of clicking the mouse on the screen consists of some plastic on LCD violence; and couldn't identify a solid tech candidate if God reached down from the heavens and put the resume on said recruiter's lap.

Surprised there was no requirement for 5 years of Windows 2003 implementation, though!

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Maybe the best recommendation

by puppybreath In reply to Actually, sounds to me... ...

would be to contact William Gates at Microsoft and contract him to bring a team of network experts out to design and install the system. If you're going to go overboard, why not go all the way?

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You forgot one

by Dr Dij In reply to Specific Needs

Now eliminate those who won't work for $30k/year and put in 4 hours a day overtime,

(and be willing to stop by bosses house unpaid after hours and fix the PC his kid cr*ppd up with viruses)

while training someone in India to do the job over remote lines.

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