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    How to ping a mac address


    by bigbadwolf ·

    How does one ping the mac address of an ethernet device such as a NIC in a PC?

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      Maybe not PING, but…

      by bill_w ·

      In reply to How to ping a mac address

      By definition, ping is used to get a response from an IP node, either by ip address or name. However, if you know the IP address, the command “nbtstat -A ip-address” will return the MAC address of the node.

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      by darpaicq ·

      In reply to How to ping a mac address

      You can’t really ‘ping’ a MAC address. But, if you know the MAC address of a device and if TCP/IP is running on the device and you don’t know the IP address of the device you can ping it. Use ‘arp -s ipaddr macaddr’ to assign an ip address to the device (as far as your machine is concerned). Then you can ping the device using the ipaddr that you entered.

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        thank you

        by bigbadwolf ·

        In reply to arp

        Thank you everyone who has replied. I very much appreciate it.

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