How to ping and pinpoint location of intruder's MAC Address?

By bobcris2008 ·
I already blocked an anonymous IP and its MAC Address who ride on to our network but still manage to get through my computer via Remote Port 2850 to my Local Port 445 as can be seen on the traffic log of the firewall & detection system. How can I ping the MAC Address of that intruder's computer and pinpoint the location to catch the perpetrator who make my computer very slow and compromise my internet browsing?

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ARP tables

by Noshmon In reply to How to ping and pinpoint ...

Check your ARP table (arp -a in most cases) which should give a list of IP's next to MAC addresses. Hopefully the attackers will be in there.

To pinpoint the location I need more information. Is the attacker just using your network (by this I mean plugging in to one of your network points or connecting to your wireless) or are they using another network to connect to yours and making use of your storage or similar?

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you can use a sniffer also

by markp24 In reply to How to ping and pinpoint ...


have you tried using backtrack and its utilities, ie sniffer, etc to pinpoint this information. or even a IDS software

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