How to play a new file type

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A friend gave me a file for the movie 1**7,
This is what it looks like:
Then it repeats up to 1**7.7z.099

I'd like to see this movie but how can it be played?
VLC won't play it and Media Player doesn't recognize the format.
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Just based on first look,

it appears to me the file has been split into separate
pieces probably with the aid of some file splitting utility.
Contact your friend and ask what software they used to
split the single large file into smaller chunks.
In by gone days I had a utility for Win3X that would split large files then paste them back together, we almost had to do that because email at the time restricted the file sizes of attached files. I even used
little DOS command line tools to split files, then rejoin
them together using copy/b (binary copy) command.
Don't know if copy/b is still available from typical
Win10 command prompt, if it is, you could maybe try
that. Looks like each file part is named the same but
with different numerical suffix, so a command like
copy/b 1*.7z.* movie.7z
would result in the files being joined together into a
new file named movie.7z, which may be a "7 zip"
compressed file??? If it is a 7 zip, then use 7 zip to
unzip/uncompress the file to its original size and file

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