how to prevent clients from going to other "fake" DHCP Server,

By duartelazaro ·
Hi there..

I think i discovered my problem.

I?m sysadmin, at a university and some students are working whit vmware creating dhcp and dns Servers for a task.

how can i prevent other dhcp or dns servers from been set on the network ?

Blocking the student PC from reaching the network while working on that task (firewall,some policy ??)

thanks in advanced

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by CG IT In reply to how to prevent clients fr ...

your own suggestion is the simplest way. Dont give em a network connection. Another way if you use managed switches is to VLAN the ports they connect to to another subnet and not allow VLAN traffic to pass through to other VLANs.

A third way is stick a router between their mini netwokr and the production network [but then that requires getting a router.

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