How to prevent users from changing default printer

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Hi, I have 3 rooms of Dell 755s running windows 7 in an active directory environment. I have created OUs for each room. There are 3 identical printer models, one in each room. Each PC has all 3 printer drivers (tcp/ip printers). Based on which room they are in, I want to set the default printer and prevent the user from changing it:
Room 150 - printer1
Room 158 - printer2
Room 166 - printer3

The users login to the ADS and have limited rights given by the university IT department. I am an admin, but my rights are very limited being down the AD food chain.

I have a Windows 2008 server using file sharing, am mapping a drive that copies some files and refreshes them to each workstation. The users don't login to my server - they only map a drive.

What can I do to force them to not change the default printer?

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who has rights control over the printers?

by CG IT In reply to How to prevent users from ...

Network printers are the same as computers or servers as far as Active Directory is concerned. you can publish the printers in Active Directory and then assign rights to access them. Thus they can't "Change" printers because other printers not in your child domain aren't available .

If your the admin of a child domain users log on to, [and they also can log on to other domains] ,setting rights and permissions for your printers, in your domain, to only those who log in to your domain will make only those printers available to those who are logged into your child domain. Other printers will simply appear as "unavailable" [Greyed out].

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