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How to print a file window?

By zembron ·
XP Explorer lets me view files as icons/thumbnails/tiles/details etc. Now how do you print the content of the file window??

I have sorted a file view as thumbnails, and I need a hardcopy of this list.

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by tblakeman In reply to How to print a file windo ...

have you tried alt print screen and paste it into a paint image?
if you just need a list there is a program called directory printer

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go to DOS

by wordworker In reply to

navigate to the folder and issue

DIR *.* > somefile.txt to capture your directory in a text file


DIR *.* > prn

to send directly to printer

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Hi there

by Don_C In reply to go to DOS

Hi there Fasthands newbie here I tried the comands that you suggested to the others and it didn't work for me i was trying to do my c dir the text file showed up but had no text but i could type tree in command prompt it will show me the hole dir can you give me the exact command to it thanks in advance

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hope this helps..

by voldomazta In reply to Hi there

on dos, go to the directory you would like to print... then type.. "dir>lpt1" w/o the quotes of course... i think it should print off the default printer...

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here's another way..

by voldomazta In reply to How to print a file windo ...

? go to the directory
? type "dir>1.txt"

1.txt on that directory should contain the file list of that directory.. hope that helps.

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See Microsoft KBA - 321379

by Jose Morato In reply to How to print a file windo ...

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 321379 shows how to create a menu item that appears when you right-click on explorer folder and prints contents.

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an easier way . . .

by eddie.limoncelli In reply to How to print a file windo ...

hit print screen (which copies the screen to the clipboard), then open MSWord and paste into a new document.
works every time for me

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