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How to print over the internet in windows XP?

By Jonny Memonic ·
How to print over the internet in windows XP ?

I am looking for a solution to print over the internet from office A PC which is behind a proxy server to a printer at office B where there is a DSL router(w/static IP) with a built in print server and the printer is hooked to the print server by USB, Is there a way to send the print jobs over the net from office A to office B using the router on office B side without a PC.

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by BFilmFan In reply to How to print over the int ...

Xerox has a print solution which does just that.

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Depends on the DSL router

by Blowtoad In reply to How to print over the int ...

The answer is maybe.

The router may be configured by the manufacturer to only accept print jobs from the inside. You may or may not be able to reconfigure that.

If you cannot, Try forwarding a TCP port from the outside to the TCP port for the inside print server. Here are the basics of that idea...

Do you already have it set up to print from the PCs in office B (from the inside of the DSL router)? If so, you may be able to set up a port forwarding rule.

Lets say, for example, that the DSL router's internal ip addy is and that to print from the inside (office b) you set up a printer on each computer to print to port **00.

So set up a port forwarding rule on the DSL router so that incoming traffic to port (pick an unused port) gets redirected to port **00 (TCP)

Then set up the computer in office A to print to the static ip addy of dsl router (specify the port you chose on your port fwd rule).

I would not choose **00 on the outside side because then anyone can print to your printer. pick something high that isnt used.

**00 is a guess at what port it uses, another likely candidate is 515.

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