How to programatically set user keyboard layout based on machine preload?

By PaulYates1983 ·

I work for a large organisation, we have user's that travel between locations. One problem that appears time and time again is this:

A user from Paris for example will visit our London office, their profile (roaming) contains the FR (AZERTY) keyboard layout, the workstation in London is configured with a UK (QWERTY) layout.

They are able to enter their password (which is neccessary complex by our security standards) on the Qwerty keyaboard as the layout configured for the login screen is correct, however as their profile is configured with an FR layout when the machine locks they are unable to enter their password correctly.

We want to manage this much more cleanly, I can script a reg poke on login to check the user's current layout against the machine's preloaded layout to detect if they are different, but I need a way of programmtically changing the keyboard layout for the entire shell. I have tried SetLocale.exe but this doesn't change the layout for the locked computer screen.

Does anyone know how I can acheive this?

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