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How To Properly Load Vista

By stefan ·
How To Properly Load Vista
Anthony from the Opie and Anthony show spent over 12 hours trying to install Windows Vista without success. After downloading countless drivers that didn?t work and dealing with lots of hardware conflict issues, he finally figured out the best way to load it onto his machine.Here is a link to the guide:

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As the linked site suggested

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to How To Properly Load Vist ...

Microsoft came out with a compatibility test before Vista was even released so you could see if your machine would even run Vista in the first place. Test it before investment.

Would have saved him 12 hours and a stupid video.

Still funny however.

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The whole point

by stefan In reply to As the linked site sugges ...

That was the whole point.i am running 2 vista pc's at my house no problems what so ever.but when i came accross this dude taking 12 hours to install vista...,shame poor dude.

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