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How to protect a website

By davoud ·
Hi all,

Wondering how, one can protect a website against mass downloaders, offline browsers and so forth as well as hackers.

Any idea would be appreciated.


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by oc34 In reply to How to protect a website

Unplug the Ethernet Cable!:)

That was just a dry joke, sorry.

You can make the pages password protected. I know you can try to grab information from people who are downloading and write code to block them by IP Address but I don't think there is an easy solution.

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Bandwidth Throttle

by jmgarvin In reply to How to protect a website

You could bandwidth throttle, create a login to view the pages, or just simply kill any un-authorized IPs.

You of course have a firewall? What does your website do? What is going on with it? What are the problems you are having?

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Three different problems

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to protect a website

Hackers secure your web server, if you haven't a firewall get one, get a/v adware spyware killer.
Grisoft's avg, sygate personal and spybot s&d if you are on windows, all free an will get you off the ground. Assume you've been compromised !
Mass downloaders, camoulflage.
The std ones rip through the html source and look for anchors and framesets to navigate through each page in your sight, Use Onclick events, to fire scripts and build the links, obfuscate as much as possible, it will confuse the **** out of the software.
Stopping something working off line is a bit more difficult, the only way off hand I can think of is to parameterize your scripts that build up links to say get your webservers node name and only link successfully if it matches what it should be. Not a total stop but it will make it difficult enough to be a complete PIA.
Should give you a few ideas anyway.

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by davoud In reply to Three different problems

Hi all,

Thanks very much for ya all. Actually I do not have a website. So Sorry i had to mention this before. I appologize for that.
I am in the middle of learning HTML and Web design. I was researching on how to protect a website and that is why I opened this discussion.

I guess I need to unplug the Ethernet Cable!:) ..LOL.. but seriously I found some softwares and I would like to know your opinion about them. I understand that they do not block hackers but apparently some of them are good for blocking mass downloaders. here they are:

Secure HTML Lock

Encrypt HTML Pro

Encrypt HTML source code v.2.0

Html Password 3.5 Pro

HTML Protector

Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect

Tony, I found your post very interesting. I do not have a server and if I ever build a website I will get a host and I am sure they will have their own firewall and other security polocies. my concern is the website itself and what to do while doing the web design to protect the website.

I have bought Paint shop pro 8 and Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and will do the design using them.

I have to do some research on "onclick events" which sounds complicated for me as a newbie and would appreciate it if you could provide me with some more information on that and if I can do it with FP 2003 please.

best wishes

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by davoud In reply to

Actually I did some research on the "onclick event" apparently it is related to the Java Script. I found this website:
and would like to know your opinion on the tutorial too please.

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to

If you use MS Frontpage, you can expect to have a web site that either looks very strange or does not load properly with browsers other than IE. The latest statistics indicate that Firefox now has 23.8%, Mozilla has 3.6%, and Opera has 1.9%. IE 5 & 6 have almost 66% combined. In other words, you will be optimized for 2/3 of your potential viewere, and sub-optimal for 1/3.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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by davoud In reply to Frontpage

thanks very much for your reply, Craig. Well, what do you recommend other than Frontpage? even if you want to use Dreamweaver or other softwares you will have the same restrictions or maybe even worse.

Do you mean just using the notepad is better or you have other suggestions please.

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by wstsyde In reply to Frontpage

Yes I agree with Craig Herberg from Info-Safety, LLC.

I check my site in the following browwers:

IE, Netscape, Opera, and Firefox

It's built using FP, however, I am updating it using Dreamweaver so I hope to see a change.

Thanks for the stats!

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Protect a Website

by chrisjackson1 In reply to How to protect a website

Hi all,
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