How to Protect Drives

By mail2venki7r ·
I am using SP2.I am living in Hostel,all my Friends and Their Friends are using my System.Some Times they are Deleting(Completely)some Folders from my HD.
When i am using USB ports they are PROMPT AN ERROR at the time of SAFE REMOVE.At this time it will displayed msg as " Drive is not possible for safe remove because Some of the program is still not stopped".Even I Change my OS,still it shows the same message.

If you know any solution of tease please send me the Answer.

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Answers for 1 & 2.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to Protect Drives

1. You'll have to prevent your friends from using your computer. Create a BIOS password, don't share it with anyone, then no-one apart from you will be able to boot the system.

2. USB drive removal is not always quick and easy. Writing to a USB drive CAN take longer than you think. When you click on the Safe Removal icon, if you get a message saying it is still working then you have to wait and try again in a few minutes. That is what the message is telling you.

If you insist on removing the drive despite the warning, it may very well NOT WORK the next time you plug it in!

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