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i have 2008 R2 server with DHCP server with ADSL internet connection also my LAN using WiFi.I have enabled filter on DHCP for providing ip, those MAC are allowed in the filter that client only getting dhcp ip.But if the client having manually ip its working...So I want to block manual ip accessing INTERNET?

Pls help me....

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Change the IP address of the default gateway

by robo_dev In reply to HOW TO PROVIDE INTERNET O ...

While this is 'security through obscurity' it can help. Instead of something obvious like, make your gateway 1**.168.0.254.

Setup another router at 0.1 and disable it's WAN interface.

Are these children or adults? (Kids are smarter)

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firewall rules

by JPElectron In reply to HOW TO PROVIDE INTERNET O ...

I'm guessing you're using MAC binding to only allow certain devices (to which you know the MAC) to get a DHCP address, and if it's not a "known device" it gets no IP? ...but you have users that are putting a static IP in and still getting internet?

In your firewall, Deny UDP port 53 outbound, from any IP, except your internal server(s)
On the internal DNS server, add firewall rules such that only the DHCP IP's can use DNS

Also, create an ACL in your firewall/router to the internet...
Allow [IPs that are part of the DHCP pool]
Deny [all other IPs]

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Reponse To Answer

by ashrafmky In reply to firewall rules

Through internel DNS server Internet not working I configured forwarder to ISP provider DNS.

So i given adsl router IP as gateway for all my client pc.

so can u help me how to connect internet through internel DNS SERVER.


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firewall rules

by r.herafi In reply to HOW TO PROVIDE INTERNET O ...

I would prefer ACL based on MAC addresses instead of IP addresses so you can guarantee even if user used a static IP within your pool will not get access to internet

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Reponse To Answer

by ashrafmky In reply to firewall rules

how to make this?

In our n/w we have W2K8 R2 SERVER, Linksys router apart-from this anything I need to buy pls help me...

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