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how to pursue CISSP?

By humsi_2002 ·
i am a network analyst having experience with NOC center. later on i did CEH, now is that nessarry to do CISSP? i want to get into security consultant or audit kind of job.

please any one guide me in my career

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how to pursue CISSP

by dspeacock In reply to how to pursue CISSP?

a) have 4+ years HANDS ON experience in at least 4 (preferably more) areas of the CISSP CBK

b) Join a local security organization

c) Read, read, read, practice

d) get the Shon Harris book and videos. study them and at least 3-4 other sources for at least 2 months before the scheduled test

e) DO NOT study the night before the test...just relax.

f) when taking the test, read ALL of the questions first, go back and start to answer the ones you KNOW are correct, then answer the ones you're pretty sure of, and finally, answer the rest of them. DO NOT miss any questions, and unless you're POSITIVE that the answer you have marked down is incorrect, go with your first impression (it's usually correct). I've seen people wo finished the test in 3 hours, and thn spent the next 3 hours going back and changing almost all their answers. (they failed)

That was how I did it...first (and only)time I took the test.

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More than one track for Security and IT Audit.

by DWT168 In reply to how to pursue CISSP?

Follow this simple rule. You want the certs that will make management sleep well at night knowning you are protecting billions of dollars worth of digital money and sensitive information.

For consulting work, "The only certs I need are the ones my new client thinks are the best." Chat with potential clients to find out which certs matter and present your two coolest certs to win new business.

For Information Security, the CISSP is the premere, globally recognized cert.

For IT Audit, the CISA and a cert in forensic accounting are hottest combinations that I have ever seen.

Depending how high into risk management you want to go, a college degree is going to matter at some point.

Do you want to go to work for the CIO?
CISSP, CIPP: Sensitive information and security
Do you want to go to work for the CFO?
CISA: Digital money and IT Audit.
Do you want to go to work with Legal?
Start with a cert from Encase: Computer Forensics.

Or, do you want to use security, privacy or forensics to become a CFO, CIO or Chief Legal Counsil? This path is definitely going to need an advanced cert called a Master's degree.

Best Wishes,

Don Turnblade

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CISSP howto

by stevepardee2003 In reply to More than one track for S ...

I would also suggest reading the
The CISSP and CAP Prep Guide: Platinum Edition‎ by Krutz and Vines. The Shon Harris book is good but I found this had much more detail about at least the material I needed explanation of. I would also go to and keep taking the most difficult tests until you can consistently get an 90%. They are free by the way and I found are the most actual test-like questions. Then you should be ready as this is a knowledge test. I also would not pay for any of the practice tests. Actually I suggest although all these Certs are a positive, the one thing I found that has gotten me farther is a BS degree, which I highly recommend.

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