How to re-enable the HDDR in a HP Pavilion Elite Hpe-130f?

By HarbourGEEK ·
PC: HP Pavilion Elite Hpe 130f,Windows 7 Home Premium,1 Tera Byte HDDR,8 Gigs??? RAM,CD/DVD Dual.

A newbie tech(nuff said)Disabled the HDDR in the Boot Order access via the F10 key. Reasons unbeknown. Now, when booting the W7 machine,DVD/CD spins to accept, read & execute the backup media but, the HDDR just spins & hitting the F2,F5,F8 or F10 keys brings nothing to the desktop monitor.In my mind if a programmer has made it available to (Disable) the HDDR in the boot order,isn???t there a way to enable? Thanks 0407RLL.

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Ummm...can you re-enable it?

by robo_dev In reply to How to re-enable the HDDR ...

Normally you can change the order in the boot menu, but only disable/enable in BIOS.

If you go into BIOS, does the drive show up?

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Renable HDDR in?

by HarbourGEEK In reply to How to re-enable the HDDR ...

How can you ask, if you got into BIOS? How do you access the BIOS if NO F Key brings options to the desktop? Do you know of another access key function that will bring an HDDR option?

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