How to re-install XP Pro on a Toshiba Satelite P105 S-6147 w/o recoverydisc

By Brad Morton ·
Have a toshiba satelite p105 s-6147 that came with Vista from toshiba. Do not have the recovery disc anymore and the sys. became unstable. Tried re-installing XP Pro but the system is set up for vista drivers (I guess in the bios?) and will not load the graphics, ethernet and sound drivers from XP. system works but cannot go on line because the network drivers cannot be loaded and windows has no drivers for it as a default. Can anyone tell me how I can reconfigure this system to accept all XP drivers instead of being "Slaved to Toshiba Proprietary Drivers"? Please help

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re: downgrading vista to xp

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How to re-install XP Pro ...

Woah!!!!!! I believe you are a bit confused.

(1) Drivers are NOT stored in the BIOS. They're on the hard drive and possibly also in a hidden installation partition.

(2) Can't "re-install" XP if it wasn't on there in the first place.

(3) If the system had Vista on it and you now want to downgrade to XP, you'll need to do a complete wipe/install of XP.

(4) Drivers for Toshiba computers come from Toshiba, not from XP/Vista. So, you're "slaved" to Toshiba because that's what you bought. You may also be able to obtain them from the individual component manufacturers (motherboard, processor, etc...), if you know exactly what make/model they are. Although, SOME elements of the computer MAY work with the native XP drivers.

In order to get your computer functioning properly WITHOUT jumping through hoops to find the drivers needed for each individual component, you'll need to call Toshiba (or who you purchased the computer from) and see if they will sell you a downgraded WinXP recovery CD. And, if you DO get a recover CD from them, DO NOT LOOSE IT.

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Why so uptight?

by lkkjsaljdlajdlajda In reply to re: downgrading vista to ...

Eat some bran. Take a deep breath and don't be so angry.

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2 Years and 3 Months late with your quip ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why so uptight?

Who's been digging in the dead of night, eh?

You've been successful in your ZOMBIE hunt, for sure! :^0

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