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how to reach data from failure hard disk

By irsawati_mj ·
my PC suddenly turn into blue screen.
after i restart my pc, the monitor is blank
dell said that my hard disk got problem and simply gave me a new hard disk
however, i really need to reach and backup data from the old hard disk
i try to make it slave and open it in other pc
the pc can detect the slave hard disk but when i try to access it, i got a message said the disk is not accessible.
is there any way i can recover data from the hard disk?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

Maybe some forensic software is what you looking for

There was a TR question about this a few moths back browse through and have a look it might have an alternative answer.

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by HappyHeathen In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

Try some basics and move on from there:
1. Chkdsk/Scandisk the slaved drive
2. Scan the slave for viruses
3. If you have Partion Magic, if may be able to fix the disk
4. Try a utility from the Disk Manufacturer
5. Try a utility from
6. I've had good success with GetDataBack

Good luck!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

If you can see the contents of the HDD you'll need to take ownership of the files to do this follow the directions at;en-us;308421

If you had the data encrypted you'll need to save the encryption key as well so you'll need to grab that and save it with your data.

Now if you can not still access the drive you'll need some form of Data Recovery Application On Track has the best but it's not cheap so I'll post a list of the more common ones available for you to have a look at and see which one suits your needs best.

Each has it's advantages and disadvantages over other products and then you need to consider Ease of Use as well, now unless you are totally familiar with HEX Do Not use the Win Hex from X Ways use the Davory application as it's easier to work with and you are far less likely to make any mistakes that ruin your chance of recovering your data.

You also must remember that whenever you are using any Data Recovery Software you NEVER SAVE IT TO THE DRIVE THAT IT WAS ON you always save it to a different drive to prevent the chance of overwriting any data and loosing it completely.


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by waity85 In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

Personally I've always used this method:

Use a live OS disc to boot the machine, from there (assuming the hard disk will spin-up) you should be able to access the (non-corrupt) contents of the drive. Once you have access to the files in question , transfer them to a working hard-drive/CD/DVD/etc.

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by richfournier In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

I was able to get data back from a disk that wouldn't boot and did not even have a drive letter assigned to it using getdataback from Has a trial version available to see if it can access the data.

Hope it can help.

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by rmrose In reply to how to reach data from fa ...

The best I did was to get an external hard drive case.
Install the new HDD, do all the good stuff, then put the old drive into the external case, after booting the new system and getting ti set right, just turn on the external drive, and copy and past all of the old files and folders onto the new drive. I have used this umpteen times, and it is the easiest and cleanest way to rescue the ifto on the old drive.
rmrose in NY

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by rmrose In reply to

One of these days I have to proofread what I type.
Rmrose in ny

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