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How to rebuild stripe with parity?

By paul ·
I had to change the CPU fan on one of my servers (NT 4 w. SR6A)

No of disk are 4. Disk 0 is boot (system). Disk 1-3 (3 x 13 GB) is parity with stripe.

I "downed" the server to change the CPU fan. Start the server and the cmos battery was out of order.
Change to a new battery.

The server started and after loging in the server stop with "blue screen of dead".
Move the disk to a new computer. Restart and again "blue screen of dead".

New installtion on a new HD.
From the old system disk, copy information to the new server.
So now I have mail, proxy and so on... runing.

But the strip set, I can't access it.

NT Server Resource Kit says in chapter 5 "Recovering a stripe set with parity"
Use the FtEdit program to build the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\DISKOK after reboot - the volym is RECOVERABLE but it's UNKOWN.
I can't access the disk's.
Help.... It's 5 years of work on the disk's.

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How to rebuild stripe with parity?

by jtokach In reply to How to rebuild stripe wit ...

This does not sound like a software issue. Seeing as how you physically changed parts which resulted in the crash, you could have fried something. Try swapping SCSI or RAID card and using original system disk before attempting the following. Also, go to and input exact search on STOP error code (i.e. 0x000001e) to narrow the range of possibilities.

Without the "Disk Information" files created from Disk Administrator, your out of luck as NT has no way of knowing what the config was prior to crash. I have however 'tricked' NT into recovering data in a similar situation. The restore was to stripe w/o parity though. It may work for you though.

BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS, NOTE THAT IF THIS DATA IS CRITICAL, TAKE ITTO A PROFESSIONAL DATA RECOVERY CENTER. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY. This all assumes you were using NT software raid, not hardware based. Again, attempt all of this at your own risk.

First - Using Ghost or something, make an image of each disk on a file server (for backup) label accordingly.

Get a beater machine, install NT on disk 1. Using 3 different disks with the same geometery, create the stripe set w/par identical to original config. Reboot - to OS check that it works. Shutdown. Replace the new disks with your old disks. Boot - cross fingers. Data may be accesible.

If that does not work you can try more risky approach. Build NT on disk 1, install your 3 old disks. Boot NT, run Disk Admin, Create stripe set on the three old disks DO NOT FORMAT THE SET!!! Save config, reboot, cross fingers. For me this approach worked. Believe it or not the data was accessable. My jaw hit the ground, as I was amazed!

Also, this sounds like a mission critical server. Where are your backups and service contract on the server??? In the future, create disk admin config disk, and perform regimented backups...

Good luck!

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How to rebuild stripe with parity?

by paul In reply to How to rebuild stripe wit ...

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