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how to reclaim all HD space

By oc34 ·

I have a HD that has installed Fedora3 and XP. I need to format the entire C drive.

I tried formatting through Windows but it leaves the Linux Drive intact.

How do I wipe evertything out?

Thank you.

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by afram In reply to how to reclaim all HD spa ...

There is a handy free program called AEFDISK. This little proram will create a book disk and you can wipe any unix/ntfs/fat32/fat16/etc filesystem

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by oc34 In reply to AEFDISK

But I was not thinking about buying any program to do this.

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by oc34 In reply to AEFDISK

But I was not thinking about buying any program to do this.

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re: aefdisk

by afram In reply to

AEFDISK is free:

(or just google "aefdisk download"

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by Choppit In reply to how to reclaim all HD spa ...

I'm assuming you want to remove all partitions on your primary disk and not just your C drive?

If so;

1) Boot from a windows boot disk.
2) fdisk /mbr and remove all partitions.
3) fdisk and remove all partitions
4) Create new partition(s)
5) Reboot with boot disk
6) Format partitions

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by oc34 In reply to fdisk

Thank you for taking the time to outline the procedure. I will give it a try.

One more question. Will this every single partition on the hd?

See, my problem is this. My HD is an 80GB. The first time I tried installing fedora I allocated 4GBs for it. My wife wanted me to install XP which I did, but after istalling XP I checked the size of the HD and it showed only 76GBs!

The 4GBs was gone for good!

Now, I just installed Linux on a separate partition but this time it borrowed from the 76GBs.

I just installed Partition Magic and even Partition Magic is unable to see the misterious 4GBs. It sees the current Linux swap and Linux ext2 and FAT32.

I do not have must data so wiping everything clean is not a problem. I just don't know how.

So whatever happened to the remaining 4GBs?

Thank you.

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More from me

by Choppit In reply to

It'll remove any partition you tell it to, which is why you need to be careful (make sure you're working with the correct physical disk). The Linux partitions will show as Non-DOS partitions.

Your 4GB is still there, but hidden from Windows by your boot manager, (probably BootMagic Grub or LILO). FDISK /MBR should erase any references to the boot manager from the master boot record.

If you intend to use multiple OSes I'd advise you to invest some time in learning about partitioning and filesystems. The partition magic manual usually covers this adequately.

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FDISK /MBR sounds like my only friend right now :)

by oc34 In reply to More from me

I will do some more reading on it.

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You can probably stop after Step 3.

by Honu425 In reply to fdisk

Assuming you intend to install XP, after the partitions are deleted, boot with the XP CD. At an appropriate point in the process the XP install will ask where you want to install, do you want to create a new/different partion, and how do you want to format it.

Just a time saver offering.

Hope it helps.

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by house In reply to how to reclaim all HD spa ...

Use 'delpart' to delete and save the partition table. I used to have problems before with the native Linux partitions, even after the partition deletion. 'Killdisk' will work very well in this case.

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