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How to recover a Maxtor SATA drive

By tr ·
We have a few Dell SX-280 Small form factor PCs at our place of work. In one year, we have had two Maxtor HD failures. The machine will suddenly lock up, we have to reboot by holding down the power switch (nothing else works) and when it attempts to re-start we get the "missing boot sector file" and "you may attempt to repair this machine by going into the recovery console and hitting the r key...." We tried this and of course, it did not work. We got to the point where we could then run "ckdsk<sp>/r" command and the first time it ran it got to 50% and shut down with an error msg. that stated "There appears to be an unrecoverable problem blah blah blah..."

The Dell Gold Tech support person then told us that our data was dead, gone, fried and just forget about it, etc... Not accepting this as a final answer, we ran "chkdsk /r" rountine again. This time it ran 100%. Then we entered the DIR command at the ?>? prompt and sure enough, there was all of the bosses data. Oh, did I forget to tell you that this machine belongs to the BIG BOSS?

Still, the machine would not boot but at least we could see his data. The other problem was that this is a SATA drive that will not slave to a normal IDE drive. Still, we were blessed, as there was one other Dell WS in the building that has SATA drives with two open ports. We grabbed the Maxtor drive, stuck it in the working Dell OS as a slave SATA, booted up and viola there it was. Drive "E" with all the bosses? data on. From there it was a simple network transfer back to the bosses new PC and a heavenly afternoon.

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by albwillin In reply to How to recover a Maxtor S ...

I have had the same problems, but I would get a code 7 in the HD diagnostic, so were you able to copy the data to a secondary hard drive. My bosses wanted to know if there were any hard evidence that Dell's Maxtor HDs were defective, do you know of any reputable magazine articles that talk of this issue or websites?

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Why is it local?

by Andrew06 In reply to GX-280

albwillin, being a network administrator you'd understand the vulnerabilities of the data being stored locally. Isn't this the whole point of file servers?

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