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How to recover data from corrupt VMDK file?

While accessing my Virtual machine I got an error like " The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable " This VMDK file data contains my important database files. Can anyone tell how to recover data from a damaged vmdk file ?

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Solution to Recover data from corrupt VMDK file

by dannieljones1994 In reply to How to recover data from ...

Hello Andrew, The reason behind this error is your VMDK file is corrupted. There could be several reasons of VMDK file corruption like it can corrupt due to installing antivirus, improper or abruptly shutdown of guest operating system, or due to power failure, software hardware related issues. But in case if you want to recover data i found an informative article for you here is the link

In case if you are unable to recover data from VMDK file then you can take the help of VMware recovery software. Which helps to recover data in just few clicks.
(link removed by moderator)

Thanks and Regards
Daniel Jones

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Recover data from corrupt VMDK file

by guptamahima40 In reply to Solution to Recover data ...

Hi, to recover VMDK files manually, you can follow mention below method:
Follow these steps-
1. Go to start-> Run-> cmd and open the command line.
2. Navigate through VMDK development kit location in cmd
3. Type the command "vmware-vsdiskmanager.exe:-R". Give the full path of the corrupt vmdk files. Then
press Enter.

Following these steps you can recover your corrupt or lost vmdk files.

But sometimes if this process does not work then you can opt for "VMDK Recovery" software which can easily scan, search, recover & extract Vmware Virtual machine data from VMDK files. So why waiting, do google and search VMDK Recovery software.

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Recover data from corrupt VMDK file - VITS

by Vitsusa In reply to How to recover data from ...

You can use free or paid VMware Recovery Software to recover data from corrupt VMDK file. This software helps to restore lost and deleted data such as database files, audio files and video files etc.

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How To Recover Data From A Corrupt Mdf File?

by hamzakhan8021 In reply to How to recover data from ...

Hi All,
By mistake, I delete the database from the SQL server. Due to which the mdf and ldf file of the database are removed from my system. Then I used file recovery utility and retrived my mdf and ldf files.
But now I am not able to attach those files into a database. These mdf and ldf files have been corrupted. Now how can I recover my data from those mdf and ldf files? Please answer me if you have any solution to this problem.
(Link Removed by Moderator}

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Use manually steps for SQL database recovery

by colejohn9900 In reply to How To Recover Data From ...

You also do the precaution for make your data safe like

1. Unexpected changes in SQL Server accounts
2. Accidental data deletion from the SQL database
3. Corruption in the header part of the database
4. Storage media corruption where SQL database file is stored
5. Network failure when a database is in working mode
6. Using compressed folders to store SQL database
7. Internal bugs in MS SQL Server program
8. Software malfunction or collision
9. Abruptly system shut down due to sudden power failure

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How to recover data from corrupt VMDK file?

by dbcomp In reply to How to recover data from ...

With the help of VMDK file recovery software, you can recover your all crucial data instantly.

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How to recover data from corrupt VMDK file?

by robertosburn6 In reply to How to recover data from ...

You can either do it manually or you can use paid VMware recovery software. First, you should try doing it manually. There could be a few reasons for corrupt VMDK file like malicious storage of files, improper installation of antivirus, not a legit transfer of files between networks or by chance disconnecting storage device while the virtual drive was being created.
For the manual method:
1 Connect the VHD file to the parent partition followed by chkdsk to repair it.
2 By using Hyper-V check connection, check its proper connection.
3 Now connect the VHD file to the IDE controller.
4 Tap inspect button.
5 Now merge any VHD and AVHD files.
6 You need to check it that it must get opened by Windows 7, server 2008.
7 Now you can download the VHD tool, including a repair option.

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Tips to follow to secure your VMDK file

by Alice Samanta In reply to How to recover data from ...

Well, in order to recover data from corrupt VMDK file, or in case if it is lost what you can do is try manual trick which may work.
It is like this:
a) Immediately move to Control Panel.
b) There select system and maintenance and then backup and restore.
c) After that select restore my files in backup and restore centre window will show Select Browse by file button.
d) Then choose VMDK file and click on Next.
e) Now, choose in the original location or click Browse to select a new destination for the file which you have restored.
f) Now, finally click on 'Restore option' to restore your VMDK file.

I hope, so this method will work.

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How to recover data from corrupt VMDK file

by dataretainers In reply to How to recover data from ...

Do you need to recover a delete VMDK file, or recover data from within a corrupted VMDK file ?
No Problem If you have any problems of data recovery. get help to Data recovery service like Data Retainers etc.
A data recovery service can easily help to your problems.

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VMDK Recovery Tool

by alexbarnes590 In reply to How to recover data from ...

VMDK Recovery software supports recovery from VMDK files of various virtual machine .Recover corrupt VMDK files from Virtual Machine applications.

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