how to recover emachines T3882, windows xp, problem occurs while recovery?

By syeda_shah ·
i was installing a software and the electricity went off. next time i tried to turn my pc on-- IT WONT!!! it would lead me directly into recovery.
i have four recovery cds. i tried using them to recover. but after 7% i get this error.

A problem has been detected and windows is shutting down to precent damage to your computer.


techincal information:
*** STOP: 0x0000001A (0x00041284, 0xDD196000, 0x00000539, 0xC0C00000)"

i have tried several times to do recovery but this error comes again and again.

once a error came that fastfat is corrupted.

I dont know what to do plzzz help. i would be greatly thankful.

I have Emachines T3882 with windows XP..
one more piece of information is that i tried to access safe mode by pressing f8 but it would go to safe mode

plz help

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my guess

by PurpleSkys In reply to how to recover emachines ...

that something got fried in a power surge...i found this article, it may apply**

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OK there are several possibilities here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to recover emachines ...

The first one is if this unit has been modified in any way from Standard particularly with the addition of RAM you can get this message when loading or repairing Windows because of a Timing Issue between the different RAM Modules.

If that is the issue here you need to remove all but 1 Module to load the OS and then when this is complete you can reinstall the extra RAM.

The next thing is that E Machines have marginal Power Supplies at the best of times and these do not like being powered on when the Power goes out. Let alone when it comes back on. The standard answer for any E Machine issue is to replace the Power Supply with a Name Brand Unit something like one from Antec. Even one of the more commonly available cheap no name PSU is better than the standard one but I would never recommend one of these as when they take a Surge from the Mains they pass it straight through to the insides of the case damaging the electronics in the computer.

So here I would suggest removing all but 1 RAM Module and trying to reload the system and if that doesn't work you can try a new power supply but before you do that I would suggest booting off a Boot Disc like one of the Live Linux's and see if it stays running. If it doesn't you need to do some diagnostics to find out what is wrong and to do this you can use the Ultimate Boot CD. Free to download from here

For a Live Linux you can go to your local newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc or download one for free from here


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